Parents will receive daily reports, join events, fulfill requests and track their kids’ educational progress.

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Real-Time Presence

We offer a delightful experience for parents, as they will be able to share their child’s early moments through real-time access to updates and pictures while away. Parents can keep an eye on their children while they learn and grow. Isn’t that just perfect?

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Instant Notification

Never miss a request or memo! Stay in tune with your child’s entire needs while at the nursery or on a day out and make the best out of their daycare experience.

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Safe Caring

Whether at the nursery or on the bus, parents will be able to check on their child’s safety anytime, anywhere!

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Keep track of your payments, receive timely invoices, and pay directly with great ease, all through your phone’s convenience. Does it get any better than this?

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  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive design
  • All-in-one nursery platform
  • Safe and secure data
  • Instant reporting and analytics