How it all started

We identified the need of parents to communicate with nurseries to check up on their children, our aim was to design an omnichannel comprehensive platform that focuses on all aspects of nursery life. As we deep dived into our reasearch, we uncovered everyday operations in different nurseries. Through our focus on the needs of children, parents, teachers, and administrators, DaycareChannel was brought forward.

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To cut a long story short,

We offer a clear communication between daycare providers and parents, allowing care takers to focus more on our little ones’ development and less time on paperwork. We promise safe and secure caring, providing parents with full access to their child’s daycare experience. From administration to parent requests to generating insights and statistics, DaycareChannel also grants easy steps to share photos of activities and events happening in classrooms, reminds teachers of daily tasks, and tracks all accounting details.

We utilize the expertise of qualified data scientists and developers dedicated to provide solutions to your everyday problems.


We bring into service more than 20 years of experience in the digital field.

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